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Museum MACAN Experience

Just want to share some photos and story about this famous 'kekinian' selfie that always appear on your instagram feeds lately (only applicable for Jakartas).

YES. This is the famous Infinity Mirrored Room by Yayoi Kusama. Love her!
We went to the museum on Friday noon. The museum open until 6pm only.. maybee.. (I forgot)
So Museum MACAN is Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Nusantara. Not the tiger macan ok. I just knew 'macan' is another words for tiger because the Uber driver asked me, 
"jadi di musium ini ada banyak macan? Semua foto macan ya?"
"Iya pak. Iya.... Saya juga (kurang tau) hmmmm. Iya.. Begitulah..."

Booklet and ticket. Rp 45k for students
After scanning the tickets, we saw people were in line to enter a room (yes, the infinity room). It is the highlight of the museum. You must enter one by one (alone or with your friends), but only for 45 seconds!!! The doorkeeper hold a stopwatch and will knock the door when your time is done.
The photo below was on Friday evening 4pm. On weekend it would be hours of waiting guys!

Behind the scene. Crazy que. See, on the right side, the hijab girl in red shirt is the door keeper.
Then we stroll around trying to 'understand' the arts in the museum. Btw it's just a small museum (for now). Only a floor. Maybe they will add more stuffs later because the museum is pretty new.

Kids coloring room (outside the ticket scan entrance, and it's free!)

Awesome coloring done by me. That's why I never get prizes in coloring contest (even saguhati!!!). Because I'm wayyyy to good and blew the judges awayyy.
Sneak peak only because this IS true art

Babai for now!



So two weeks ago I went to Dunia Fantasi theme park. I went there for the first time, and it also FIRST TIME in my life trying extreme rides. Yea I know what ya thinking. "Lame gila Hidayah kampung nya tak pernah try benda ni."

Nak buat macam mana Kampung Bukit Payong takde theme park so sila diam semua.

I never been to Genting Highland, Sunway Lagoon, USS, Disneyland, yada yadaa. The one and only theme park that I went was Warner Bros Movie World in Gold Coast Aussie. But, I went there with my little cousins and she's too afraid to try those extreme rides. 

And my family are afraid to try those stuffs too (overprotective Umi -_-), that's why my parents never bring us to theme park, plus, my dad is afraid of heights (even parking lot yang tinggi pun dia dah gayat!). 

But y'alllll, I'M 👏🏼 NOT 👏🏼 AFRAID 👏🏼 TO 👏🏼 TRY! 👏🏼 (duh I'm a wonderwoman ok!) 

When I watch people on tv getting scare to try extreme rides, I was like, "common la, I bet it's not the worst thing ever. Just try and have fun la. Takkan tu pun takut." 

So that's how it happen, I went to DuFan with Len (my friend) with azam yang tinggi untuk try all rides because it must be fun! (It is nahhttt). 

I unfold the DuFan theme park maps, and pointing the rides that I want to try. 

"Man this is so exciting!" bisik hati kecilku. 

We start with the theme park basic wajib ride, merry go round. Then we decided to try the pirate ship thingy because it seems the least scary out of all game (I was VERY VERY wrong). 

While waiting our turns I felt uneasy looking at this pakcik froze on the ride. But I still brace myself to try. We plan to sit at the end of the ride (I thought makin hujung makin selamat. WHAT WAS I THINKING??). But the seat already taken, so we sat on the third hujung row of the kapal. 

The safety metal thing slowly pulled down. The moment it started to swing, my brain also started contemplating my stupid decision. But it....was...TOO...LATE...

The ship swings higher, and faster. I pretend to enjoy it like other kids so I scream like them. Scream worsen the situation. Rasa nak muntah. It went higher that I can see the underground maintenance space thingy. So I closed my eyes, froze and held the rail tight because it felt like I will tercampak keluar anytime (how can you let your kids ride this thing?!). My face is so hideous macam nak nanges I swear to God. (Wonderwoman suddenly became Watermelon)

THAT'S THE SHIP!!! Behind the tree. They called it 'Kapal Kora Kora'.

I think those people in line are laughing at me. But I don't care I just want this thing to stop and get off the ship alive (I have to get married and have beautiful kids first ok!). 

I could barely walk when I get off the ship. I held Len's arm and bajet like everything is okay.

"I'm fine. It's nothing la. Haha...ha..ha..ha.."

Then Len wanted to try the tower shot ride. I'm ok until I saw the passengers were shot to the sky like bullet. 

"Ouuukayyyy... Let's ride something else first.." 

next time if I decided to try this ride again, please slap me. 

Maybe I will try again. If....... if I suddenly get amnesia and forget about my that experience. Otherwise, no thank youuu.